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Sept, 13 2017

Hurricane Season Plumbing Hacks in Mobile, Alabama

It’s hurricane season!
Are you prepared?
If you live in Mobile, Alabama then you know that the threat of a hurricane in late summer/early fall is imminent. High winds and water surges can wreak havoc on your home. But you don’t have to feel totally helpless. Adams Plumbing can help you prepare for storm season with these helpful plumbing hacks:

Get Your Entire Plumbing System Inspected

First things first. Start by getting your plumbing system inspected both inside and outside. The main focus will be to ensure that all pipes and fixtures are well connected so that rising water cannot penetrate the system. All pipes need to be updated so that they don’t break due to too much water pressure.

Although this is not technically a hack, a professional inspection performed by a certified plumbing technician is a great starting point and could save you hundreds of dollars in needless repairs as well as keep the water in your home from becoming contaminated.

Start in the Basement

When the ground becomes saturated with water, it can rise and spill over into your basement. Make sure your sump pump is properly draining water so that the basement area will not overflow. If the pump goes out, then many of your items could be damaged by water. You may also want to upgrade the sump pump if you feel that it cannot handle the surplus water pouring in. Keep in mind that a sump pump has a certain capacity to pump only so much water out of the basement. Therefore, you may still want to remove or elevate items in the area.

Shut Off the Main Water Valve

Your main water supply is usually located outside in the yard in proximity to the house. If you and your family have to evacuate the Mobile area, then make sure to turn off the main water supply. By cutting off the valve, you will prohibit contaminated water from entering the plumbing system in your home and infecting your family.

Checking the Drainage Areas

Are there drains close to your home? What about in your yard? Check the drains to make sure that water is flowing through them without any blockage. If there is any debris at the drain opening, then clear it out. It is also a good idea to clear out the entire area around the drain. You may want to clean up any garbage or trim away trees and bushes close the drain. If you notice that the drain is backing up, then call a plumbing technician to come and clear it out before the storm hits.

Is There a Threat from Tree Roots?

If you notice that there are large bushes, shrubs, or trees near the pipes, then you may want to remove some of the roots. If a tree falls over, it will cause the roots to shift and penetrate or breakup the plumbing. The result is hundreds of dollars worth of repair.

If you would like more tips on how to prepare your home’s plumbing for a hurricane, or if you need to get your plumbing system inspected, then contact Adams Plumbing & Drain Co. We provide a wide range of products and services for home and business owners in Mobile, Alabama and the surrounding Gulf Coast area. Call us today at 251-473-1279. You’ll be glad you did!