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  • Cracks in the pipes
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  • If your water bill suddenly skyrockets
  • Water stains in the ceiling or the walls
  • Advanced Sewer Camera Inspection Service

    Video cameras have become an invaluable tool for investigating plumbing issues below the ground. In such cases, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming for plumbers to perform the job manually. Waterproof video recorders solve this dilemma by capturing footage of plumbing issues that are occurring inside the sewer pipeline. They provide technicians with a visual panorama of damaged pipes or other components in the following scenarios:

    How Does Camera Inspection Work?

    Camera inspection is a relatively simple task, but it requires the expertise of a trained professional. A technician inserts a flexible rod into the pipes. The rod has a video camera on the tip. Once inserted, the camera is powerful enough to detect damaged or blocked pipes regardless of the level of murkiness. Cameras can capture images in pipes that range from 2 inches to 36 inches in diameter. All footage is digitally stored so that the plumbers can view the videos at a later time. In addition to capturing video, many cameras are also equipped with radio transmitters that can track the precise location of the plumbing issue. This completely takes the guessing out of repairing the sewer system. You’ll get the results you’re looking for in half the time and with half the cost of labor and manpower.

    The Benefits of Plumbing Camera Inspection

    Efficiency: Before cameras were available, plumbers would recommend a possible solution before actually identifying a problem in the sewer system. From there it was trial and error. Video cameras allow technicians to make decisions with absolute certainty.

    Precision: If you’re buying a home and you want to inspect the plumbing system for possible problems, a camera can verify the current condition of the pipes and all other components in the system. Non-invasive: In many cases, plumbers have to tear through walls or break through the foundation in order to examine indoor plumbing. This costs extra and can turn a small issue into a major ordeal. Cameras allow plumbers to assess a situation without destroying your property.

    Preventative Maintenance: When it comes to plumbing, prevention is always better than repair. If you hire a technician to perform an inspection, a camera can go through a piping system and catch small problems or blockage before it gets out of control.

    Cost effective: Since plumbers use less manpower, equipment, and tools when utilizing video cameras, they can pass the savings onto you. Cameras are simply a smarter method for solving plumbing problems.

    Adams Plumbing Offers Professional Sewer Camera Inspection

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